Our Skyblock Server has a lot of features so it's fun to play! We also believe that a server is never perfect so we are always working on ways to improve Skyblock for you!


We decided to work with Skyblock seasons! After a season everything is set to 0 and everyone has to start over again! We will also add more features when a new season starts so you don't have any issues while playing!

End Season #1: 13 September 2019 12AM EST Start Season #2: 13 September 2019 4PM EST


  • Minions

  • Custom Shops

  • Mobcoins

  • Custom Enchantments

  • Upgradeable Hoppers

  • Spawners

  • mcMMO

  • Upgradeable Furnaces

  • Improved Repair System

  • Island Top Rewards

  • Daily Rewards

For more information about our features go here!